hundred dayWe celebrated the 100th Day on January 26th.

The Elementary students took a 100th Day picture and had all kinds of fun academic activities during the day in their own classroom. At the end of the day, they participated in a rally. They came together as teams. The yellow, red, blue, green, and purple teams were made up of students from grades one through sixth, and it was the yellow team that finished their tasks first and the purple team was in second place. The names and medals of the winning teams were posted on the bulletin board on the upstairs deck.

In order for the students to win they had to put in to practice several of the Habits of Mind: Listening with understanding and empathy, gathering data with all our senses, finding humor, applying past knowledge to new situations, taking responsible risks, and definitely thinking interdependently.

We closed the day with a delicious sundae.
Mmm, good!



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